Hi there beautiful soul,


I am so very happy you found your way onto my page.

into my life, my heart and my deepest passions.


I am Katharina Lucia - artist, life-lover, mama.


The facets and nuances of love build the core of my work.


deep connections are what life is all about to me.

 Deep connections to the divine, to my true self, to people who find their way into my heart and never leave that place anymore. 


I've been a color addict ever since I can remember. Painting is the ultimate way for me to express my love for life, other souls and our beautiful planet.


my creative work is like a compass through the jungle of life - in order to explore and find the most beautiful pathways

towards healing and happiness.


I've learned the hard way what it means to neglect the call to align with your soul's highest purpose.


...may my creations be of service to you and lead you a little bit closer towards your own soul's deepest longings.

towards your own beautiful soul's truth. 


I am so happy our paths are crossing here. let's  fall in love with our lives and take this journey towards a new consciousness together!




When I'm not on the road,

I live and love on the green outskirts of Vienna/Austria 

with my soulmate and our son,

where we indulge in our creative passions,

enjoy hanging out with our tribe, 

and maintain a close connection to nature.



...become aware of what your journey is all about...

...find your essence...

...savor the simple joys of life...

...seek magic every day...

...live your truth...

...and celebrate your existence...


...for you are alive - here and now.



'with life as short as half-a-taken breath,

don't plant anything but love'




'I am going to make everything around me beautiful -

that will be my life.

- Elsie de Wolfe